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Introducing Permanent Vacation

Introducing Permanent Vacation

Introducing Permanent Vacation

Endless summer days, that rotate from one to the next… You've all been cooped up too long, join us for a permanent vacation as we celebrate Summer!

Featuring new womens swimwear, mens boardshorts, 2mm wetsuits and all the beach accessories you need.

No commitments, except to remember the sunscreen. It was a long day on the golden sands of Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

With the water temp balmy, a mix of bikinis, boardies and spring suits hit the dress code, plus the trusty umbrella for that already intense sun. 


Swimwear to take you from Sand to Surf


Getting into the lineup for a few cheeky waves, in the new Saffron Surf One piece. Made from recycled fabric our new swimwear range is designed for women who love to surf.


Swimwear for surfing


Some venturing out in vests and short arm steamers to stay out surfing for longer.



Let's make everyday feel this good, like a permanent vacation!




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