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Mia & Jack in Longsleeve Springsuits with their surfboards ready for a wave

Summer Staples: A guide to 2mm wetsuits for warmer weather

Mia & Jack in Longsleeve Springsuits with their surfboards ready for a wave

For those of us who enjoy long sessions out in the surf, a wetsuit of some description is an absolute must, even in Summer. While the sun’s out and it may be warming up, the water temp and wind factor can get chilly hanging out back. That's when you know 2mm season has kicked in. The thinnest in the range and without the added thermal layers of a 3/2mm or 4/3mm wetty, the 2mm makes the perfect summer wetsuit. Not only is it more suited to the temperature with its 2mm foam thickness, but it is super flexible and lightweight, so you'll be able to move and respond to everything the wave throws at you. 

Read on for the low down on each summer wetsuit option, so you can choose whether you’re a short arm, springy or wetsuit vest kinda person (no judgement). 



When it’s too warm for a full-steamer, but you really feel the cold on your legs - the Short Sleeve Steamer is the middle ground where you can have more freedom of movement in your arms, but your core and legs are nice and toasty. Its short sleeves and full leg length make it perfect for those early Summer morning upwellings where the water temp suddenly drops overnight. Oh, and no waxy thighs or chaffed knees, also huge wins. 

Here at Project Blank we have a few short arm steamers for the guys to choose from. The High Performance short arm made with limestone neoprene for supreme stretch, or the Eco Ultimate short arm using our most eco-friendly material including Yulex plant-based rubber, recycled knees and 45 plastic bottles recycled into the outer jersey. 

Kai heading to the surf in his short arm steamer

Shop the High Performance OR Eco Ultimate Short Sleeve Steamer


The Longsleeve Springsuit has really made a resurgence over the last few years, and as our best seller this season we’re delighted to say the springy has officially made a full come-back! While you can avoid that hectic t-shirt tan, there are more benefits than first meet the eye with this short leg and full sleeved wetsuit. When you’re hanging out back and the cool breeze kicks up, this Springsuit protects you up top from the breeze by increasing your core body temp and keeping your arms covered (which also doubles as sun protection). While a Springsuit like this is perfect to wear summer surfing for men or women, it’s also very versatile for other water sports; kayaking, recreational diving or triathlons, swimming, windsurfing, skiing, water aerobics, and more.


Man surfing in a springsuit wetsuit

Shop Mens High Performance Springsuit


Woman surfing in a longsleeve springsuit

Shop Womens High Performance Springsuit



If you just can’t get over the short-legs thing of a springsuit but you feel the cold up top. The wetsuit vest might just be your new summer matchPair it with your favourite staple or retro boardie from our range of 100% recycled boardshorts and you’re good to go... from set after set, to beachside relaxing. 

Kai wearing the Project Blank Wetsuit Vest and Recycled boardshorts in Khaki while waxing his board

Shop Mens 2mm Wetsuit Vest



Whether you opt for a Longsleeve Springsuit or Short Sleeve Steamer, we want to make the deal a little sweeter and give you a free King-size recycled beach towel in black. So, get in and make your choice fast cause this offer is for a limited time only and we tend to sell out of things pretty quickly... It will auto add to your cart when you check out for Australian orders. 

Mitch drying off with our 100% recycled beach towel in black, wearing the longsleeve springsuit


For when you’re finished surfing, we’ve just dropped a range of eco-beach accessories so you can dry off and get to the next stop or hang around in the sunshine. Take a peek at the latest recycled ponchos and beach towels, beach umbrella or value packed tee bundles to accompany your new summer wetsuit. 


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