It's Pronounced "Waa-Yoo-Lee"

It's Pronounced "Waa-Yoo-Lee"

It's Pronounced "Waa-Yoo-Lee"

This is the Guayule plant. (waa-yoo-lee)

A humble hero mainly found in the dry, arid deserts of Northern Mexico, Texas and Arizona is a totally sustainable resource that requires no pesticides and minimal water to cultivate.

Back in 2013, the plant-based pioneers at Yulex started farming Guayule as a sustainable alternative to traditional rubber.

After a harvest, organic solvents are added to the Guayule to break down the plant's infrastructure. The end result is a lightweight, flexible and durable rubber. Perfect for manufacturing wetsuits.

The Eco Ultimate Springsuit (bikini cut) - made from Yulex

Manufacturing wetsuits is what we do. And because of the sustainability of Yulex's innovation, we chose to partner with them (and the humble Guayule plant) for our Eco Ultimate wetsuit range.

"Eco Ultimate range? Tell me more..." You, presumably

I'm glad you asked...

The rubber construction of our Eco Ultimate suits consists of three layers. Much like a delicious, rubbery, sandwich (please don't eat our wetsuits).

The inner layer (bottom piece of bread) is a mix of bamboo & recycled polyester, the outer (top piece of bread) is made up of 45 recycled PET bottles and the middle, juicy sandwich filling layer (again, please don't eat our wetsuits), is 85% Yulex rubber.

Together, they make a pretty darn good wetsuit. But don't just listen to us. Listen to them

So here's to the Guayule plant. And the farmers that harvest it. And the team at Yulex that turn it into rubber. And you, for wearing it in your wetsuit.

The Eco Ultimate Range:

High performing and environmentally friendly, our Eco Ultimate collection is made with Yulex Lexcell Closed Cell Foam Rubber. The world’s first plant-based replacement for neoprene.

The Long Sleeve Vest


The Long Sleeve Springsuit


The Long Sleeve Springsuit (bikini cut)


The Short Sleeve Steamer


The Eco Ultimate Steamer (available in 3/2 and 4/3)


In Pursuit of a Happier Planet

We are a community of green-minded ocean lovers, unified in our pursuit of a happier planet.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. That means cleaner manufacturing, bio-degradable packaging, and tangible partnerships that positively impact the environment & communities we live in.

To learn more about our sustainability goals, click the link below:



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