Plastics in our oceans are an enormous problem that require action from everybody. Since launching, Project Blank have allocated resources towards this either by directly collecting rubbish in the oceans (Seabin) or trying to prevent rubbish reaching the oceans (Plasticbank).
The combination of rubbish collection partnerships, using biodegradable or recyclable packaging on all our products and making products themselves from recycled plastics are conscious decisions we have made to try and have a tangible impact on the issue. Our partnership with Plasticbank began in February 2022 with the commitment to collecting 250,000 single use plastic bottles in a 2 year period. 14 months into our partnership we have collected almost 150,000 bottles across Indonesia, Brazil & Egypt. These bottles are collected by local teams providing gainful employment (over 700 individuals and counting) and then cleaned & processed into pellets at specialised facilities in each country of collection. These pellets can then be used to replace virgin plastics in future products & packaging keeping these bottles out of our waterways and oceans.

May 05, 2023 — Mitch Avakian