our pursuit

The Project Blank Mindset

We are a community of ocean lovers, unified in our pursuit of a happier planet.

As surfers we demand high quality products, that are ethically produced without compromising on functionality or performance. We acknowledge that as an industry, we have a long way to go.  No brand is perfect, no solution is absolute. Our passion lies in the constant pursuit of progress, innovation and positive change.

Sustainability is a conscious part of our decision making. That means better designs, cleaner manufacturing, recyclable or bio-degradable packaging, and tangible partnerships that positively impact the environment & communities we live in.


We are constantly looking at new alternatives to the status quo, trying to apply modern technology to every aspect of our brand and business.


We use market leading materials to create high quality products. Designed by surfers & ocean enthusiasts, every product in our line up has been created with performance, functionality and timeless styling in mind with sustainability at heart.


Our wetsuit manufacturing facilities run off solar energy and use innovative methods to reduce water, C02 and excess waste.

In Pursuit of a Happier Planet

With performance in mind and sustainability at heart, our products are designed to keep you in the water for longer.