The blank. Warranty

Our warranty only applies to gear purchased directly from projectblank.com.au, and you must also have a receipt of purchase. Our warranty does not cover you for blank. products from any other non-authorized online suppliers.

  • We offer a 6 month warranty on all stitching and seams
  • We offer a 6 month warranty on material defects including knee-pads, taping and zips

Our Warranty DOES NOT cover the following: 

  • Normal wear and tear; this includes any fin chops, scratches and fading/sun bleaching/weather effects.
  • Use of our products in commercial, teaching or instructional programs or activities, or any scenarios where you are renting out our gear.   
  • Damage or defects resulting from bad handling, poor storage, extended or excessive exposure to sunlight, or caused by anything other than defects in materials or workmanship
  • Failure to follow washing instructions provided with any of our products.  
  • There is no Warranty offered where you purchased our product 2nd hand, or where it is being sold as a 2nd (meaning it is being sold as a product with existing known defects).  
  • Products repaired/altered by any other 3rd party repair service.    

How do you exercise the warranty?

Drop us a quick e-mail before returning by post.

E-mail us at sales@projectblank.com.au and include a photo of the damage or fault. We will get back to you ASAP with an assessment. If we consider the claim to be valid we will ask you to complete the “Return Form” below and let you know the next steps.



Send your rubber to:
c/o Project Blank, 33 Macbeth Street, Braeside, Victoria, 3195

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