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Proof that performance and planet can co-exist. Project Blank blends quality and affordability with environmentally considered products. Whether you’re ready to dive right into a fully conscious wetsuit made from plant based Yulex and recycled materials with our Eco Ultimate range, or you want to get a bit more eco with Limestone neoprene options like our Eco Performance or High Performance collections. We’re focused on delivering value at every level while caring for the planet.

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Caring for the planet at every turn

From product design, chosen materials and manufacturing methods to our packaging, delivery and partnerships, sustainability is at the very centre of our ethos.



Blending affordability, functionality and sustainability

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Better for the planet while remaining warm and durable

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Manufactured to meet demanding green standards

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Packaged in biodegradable plant-based materials

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Like-minded organizations for positive change

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Together we’re changing the world

Every order placed helps our planet. Project Blank is dedicated to meeting its environmental goals by 2022. See how we’re getting on with your help!
Trees planted

Trees planted 15,018

We plant one tree with every order. We aim to plant 20,000 trees worldwide by 2022

Rubbish removed

Rubbish removed 18,267kg

We remove 1.2kg rubbish from the ocean with every order! By 2022, we aim to remove 24,000kg

Carbon offset

Carbon offset 150,180kg

We offset 10kg carbon with every order in an aim to offset 200t by 2022


Consciously branded blank

Most premium surf supplies that are sustainable can get overwhelmingly expensive and sometimes compromise functionality. But more affordable options typically skimp on quality and are less ethical. Project Blank products blend affordability, functionality and sustainability. Our ‘blank’ branding equals timeless style (no need to replace your gear every year) and reduces the use of toxic inks.


Made from sustainably sourced materials

Every single product has been designed to do a little better for the planet while remaining flexible, warm, durable and affordable.

  • Dope Dyed Yarn

    Dope Dyed Yarn

    Made in sustainable bluesign® approved fabric mills, Dope Dye Yarn is non-toxic and has been treated with an anti-fade colouring treatment. It’s use reduces Co2 emissions by 2.7kg or 24% per wetsuit.

  • Yulex


    High performing and environmentally friendly, our Eco Ultimate collection is made with Yulex Lexcell Closed Cell Foam Rubber. The world’s first plant-based replacement for neoprene.

  • Carbon Black Recycled Rubber

    Carbon Black Recycled Rubber

    Rubber made from recycled car tyres reduces landfill waste and significantly reduces energy consumption and Co2 emissions by 72%.

  • Limestone Neoprene

    Limestone Neoprene

    Instead of using harmful petroleum-based chemicals, calcium carbonate from limestone is used as a greener alternative.

  • Eco-Recycled Range

    Eco-Recycled Range

    Each wetsuit in our eco range is made from 45 recycled plastic bottles (P.E.T)!

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  • Water Based Lamination Glue

    Water Based Lamination Glue

    This water-based glue replaces traditionally harmful solvent-based chemicals.


Manufactured to meet demanding green standards

All Project Blank surf supplies are manufactured in a green facility equipped with solar panels. This green energy generates over 6 million kilowatts of energy per year, saving 130,834 trees every year and over 7 million kg Co2 so far.

Blue design system partner

As a bluesign® System Partner, our manufacturing facility ensures sustainable textile production, meeting the world’s most demanding textile standards as it relates to energy, water and chemical usage.

The use of its innovative fabric dyeing machines reduces water and energy usage by 60%, while its dying process conserves 104l water and reduces its carbon footprint by 26% per kg of fabric.

To drastically reduce landfill, we use neoprene made from recycled car tyres. And over 5,000kg leftover neoprene waste every year is turned into qualified products, eliminating our own landfill contribution further.

  • Solar Energy

    Solar Energy

    Solar Panels save 130,834 trees every year and 7m+ kg Co2 so far

  • Reduced Usage

    Reduced Usage

    Dyeing machines reduce water and energy usage by 60%, saving 104l water and 26%kg Co2 per kg fabric

  • Reduced Waste

    Reduced Waste

    5,000kg+ neoprene waste saved from landfill every year


Packaged in plants, not plastic

Packaging is made to throw away, so it’s important we don’t use any plastics (which can take up to 1000 years to break down). Instead, our biodegradable bags are made from plant-based materials like cornstarch and wheat, which break down in 3-6 months. Keeping your order safe and sound, these bags are securely packaged in recycled cardboard which can be recycled easily from home.


Partnered for positive change

While we’re proud of our own green initiatives, we know we’re greater together. To accelerate positive change, we’ve joined forces with some incredible sustainable projects giving back to the planet.

  • Ecologi’s Forests

    Ecologi’s Forests

    Ecologi plants trees to reduce our carbon footprint. We work with Ecologi to plant one tree for every order you make. Before long, we’ll have grown a forest that helps to combat our climate crisis.

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  • Seabin


    The award-winning Seabin Project collects trash, oil, fuel and detergents from the oceans. Donating a portion of each order removes 1.2kg rubbish in their ocean cleanup.

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  • Ecologi’s Climate Projects

    Ecologi’s Climate Projects

    Ecologi also funds other crucial climate projects to reduce the planet’s increasing carbon emissions. Via these projects we offset 10kg of carbon with each order.

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Do good, feel good, go Blank

You shouldn’t have to choose between sustainability, functionality and affordability. Shop for Blank surf supplies to feel good surfing and do good for the planet.

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