Early November the phone rings, it's our friends film maker Spencer Frost & photographer Guy Williment. They tell us, Russia is calling.

"February / March gets the most east coast swell historically, that's our best chance. Letty & Fraser are in, Anton is ready and waiting in Russia - can we make it happen this season?"

Here is a behind the scenes look with the Project Blank team and Corners of the Earth crew at the wetsuit testing and making.

Post his Russia adventure, the past 12 months have been huge for Letty.  Touring with the award-winning Corners of the Earth film, chasing swells in Indo, publisher trips to USA, team trips to Mexico, filming parts in WA all mixed in with strike missions down the east coast of Australia over winter.In between all these commitments, Letty has worked with us on improving the fit & construction of our wetsuits. With his explosive style of surfing, his feedback was focused on improving flexibility and comfort whilst still using alternative materials.

CAESURA is the break between versus in a poem, which is kind of what Lucy’s year looks like. She packed up life in Sydney and has escaped for a break from normal programming on a European adventure. Before leaving there was a small swell on the charts, the perfect opportunity for one last road trip up the east coast. Teaming up with film maker & amiga Soph Turner, the duo took off for a few days filled with peeling waves & warm water; the perfect end to Summer.

One day Lucy was a surfer and the next she was an activist. As the summer sets in, Lucy hits some of her most loved east coast surf spots, reconnecting with her first and biggest priority - where the next wave is coming from. 

Travelling the coast with filmmaker Sophie Turner, Lucy reflects on how things have changed for the better over the years - more women and girls in lineups and wetsuits and swimwear now moving towards far greater sustainability. 

After a big two years of travelling and competing and campaigning for gender equality, Lucy has learnt that change doesn’t happen on its own - we must collectively commit to making it happen, to protecting our precious blue planet and making our lineups inclusive for everyone.

A weekend away with Tully & Eddy testing our Yulex Freedom Natural wetsuits.

With a bump in swell coming to the east coast, Tully & Eddy thought it was a perfect opportunity to grab the twinnys, pack up the van and head north to one of our favourite little zones for a weekend away putting the new YULEX FREEDOM NATURAL wetsuit collection through its paces.

These wetsuits are constructed using alternative materials like our Yulex renewable, plant-based foam & recycled jerseys blended with spandex focusing on comfort and performance for summer.

All of these suits are currently available on our site here




In Episode 2 of this 2-part series we continue our conversation with the YULEX team to answer the most commonly asked questions surrounding our neoprene free, natural rubber wetsuits such as:

• What is PEFC and FSC?
• How does the current Yulex wetsuit compare to previous versions and against limestone suits?
• Yulex projects and what's next


What is a yulex wetsuit?


In this 2 part series we chat with the YULEX team to answer the most commonly asked questions surrounding our neoprene free, natural rubber wetsuits such as: 

  • What is Yulex? (The Yulex Company & Yulex Products)
  • Where does Yulex natural rubber come from?
  • What is the process of creating Yulex natural foam for wetsuits?
  • Why is Yulex more sustainable than the more commonly used limestone or petroleum neoprene constructions?
Kale Brock



A road trip south with Kale Brock from The Surfers Roadmap.

We reached out to our buddy @KalesBroccoli to do a comparison test between our Project Blank Yulex Natural Steamer and our Limestone based Freedom Steamer.




A film by Lucy Small and Maddie Meddings highlighting a little known surf community in West Africa which challenges historic representations of Ghanaians in a story of reclamation and joy.

Tickets available here





A surf trip to far east Russia. By Spencer Frost and Guy Williment, featuring Fraser Dovell and Letty Mortensen.

We kitted out the Corners of The Earth team in our next generation of steamers and sent them off to explore one of the wildest, most isolated coastlines on the planet. In the name of "Research & Development", the crew braved freezing cold water, snow storms and sub-zero winds, putting our new green-minded wetsuits to the ultimate test.

Access to dates and tickets here




“JOY” by Zack McMahon, Tom Hoy and Patrick Bond. Filmed around Australia for over a year, Zack uses our High Performance wetsuit for this breakout edit.