As a brand, we ensure all of our products are designed with performance in mind and sustainability at heart.

Our new Eco Fin range is efficiently manufactured with a focus on conserving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing the creation of harmful by-products.

Each fin is made using 20% BioResin - reducing our usage of styrene and other non-sustainable materials - before being moulded using a specially designed high pressure, sealed moulding system that ensures zero emissions. The fins are then finished using heat-treatment instead of bleach, eliminating harmful by-product run off into local water sources.

The end result is a high quality fin that matches any petroleum-based counterpart in performance.

In our pursuit of a happier planet, we're excited about the positive impact that this innovation enables for our industry.

The Fins

Allrounder Thruster Eco

Designed to perfectly balance pivot and drive in all conditions, our Allrounder Thruster Eco fins are ideal for performance shortboard use at any break. 

Made using a multi-layered moulding process, sandwiching BioResin and a light hexagonal honeycomb core to reduce weight and maintain flex. This flex pattern builds progressively from the base through to the tip of the fins, helping the surfer to maintain drive and hold through a turn. 

Compatible with the Futures fin system. 

Dimensions: Width 109 mm Height 114 mm


Twin Fin Pivot Upright

Designed to bridge the gap between traditional twin fin and thruster performance. 

The wide base supports drive, speed and hold through turns whilst the upright template creates release allowing a lively, free flowing ride that is iconic to twin fin surfing. 

Compatible with the Futures fin system 

Dimensions: Width: 129mm Height: 134mm


Twin Fin Keel

Designed to enhance glide, flow and responsiveness, our brand new Eco Keel Fins combine an iconic outline with a modern, green-minded construction. Perfect for cruising down the line or surfing with a more high performance flair. 

Dimensions: Width: 160mm Height: 117mm


Single Fin

Inspired by the iconic Greenough 4A shape and constructed using the same sustainable manufacturing as our new releases. This fin is known for its versatility, with a full base for drive and a moderately flexible tip.

Available in 7, 8, 9 and 10 inch sizes.


Tail Pads

Our Tailpad range is manufactured using EcoPure® Biodegradable EVA foam. Specifically known for it's performance, EVA foam is lightweight, flexible and contains UV resistant properties to ensure it doesn't get damaged when your board is left out in the sun. The addition of EcoPure®  into the EVA foam promotes biodegradation, helping it breakdown in normal landfill conditions, reducing our impact on the environment.

Recyclable backing paper and an acrylic adhesive tape further reduces the tailpad's environmental impact.

The range includes a 3 piece, 2 piece & front foot traction pad.



In Pursuit of a Happier Planet

As surfers we demand high quality products, that are ethically produced without compromising on functionality or performance. We acknowledge that as an industry, we have a long way to go to be completely sustainable. No brand is perfect, no solution is absolute. Our passion lies in the constant pursuit of progress, innovation and positive change.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. That means cleaner manufacturing, bio-degradable packaging, and tangible partnerships that positively impact the environment & communities we live in.


March 11, 2022 — Joshua Small