It’s time for 
a change

It’s time for
a change

Our “Project” is simple – as surfers we want high quality, more sustainable options without the heavy-hitting price tags.

Why blank?

We are less about branding, more about doing good. That means cleaner manufacturing, biodegradable packaging and tangible partnerships that impact the environment & communities we live in.

Delivering value

How do we deliver such unbelievable value? Using technology, low overheads and a direct business model we've eliminated all of the additional wholesale, retail and distributor markups.

Caring for the planet at every turn

From product design, chosen materials and manufacturing methods to our packaging, delivery and partnerships, sustainability is at the very centre of our ethos.

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Designed to do better

We use market leading materials and manufacturing to create high quality products at incredible value. Every single product has been designed to do a little better for the planet while remaining flexible, warm, durable and affordable.

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Blank manufacturing

Using solar energy and by innovatively reducing water, CO2 and leftover waste, our manufacturing facilities meet demanding world textile standards for energy, water and chemical usage.

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The good wetsuit company

You shouldn’t have to choose between sustainability, functionality and affordability. Shop for Blank surf supplies to feel good surfing and do good for the planet.

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