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Project Water is an ethical bottled water operation. We donate 100% of our profits to our charity partner “Splash”. Jump onto https://splash.org/ and be inspired.

We have no retail partners. We simply ship packs of bottles direct to your door. Cheaper than nasty plastic bottled water. We are 100% plastic free. Our paper bottles are eco-friendly and completely biodegradable.

We all know that plastics are strangling our oceans and clogging our landfill. We are driven crazy by this, so our bottle is made from recycled, sustainable and natural materials. They are formed of a recycled paper outer casing and an inner waterproof liner.


Our Bottles

We have developed a replacement for plastic bottles for our water. It is completely biodegradable and is made from sustainable materials. They don't even use fossil fuels like the old plastic ones. No matter where these bottles end up, whether if it's in the ocean or in a landfill they are gone within a few months. They don't leave behind toxic micro-particles or leach heavy metals into the environment. 


We still offer a wide range of our glass bottles, each bottle is full of award-winning natural British still or sparkling mineral water. 

OUTER CASING - made from 100% recycled paper, that is de-inked, cleaned, dyed and formed into our bottle casing.

STEEL CAP - rusts down into iron oxide, which is a naturally occurring mineral.

INSIDE LINING - our liner is made from 100% natural materials and is beneficial to both marine and soil environments

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c/o Project Blank, 33 Macbeth Street, Braeside, Victoria, 3195

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