Most wetsuits are made using nasty petrochemical compounds to create neoprene. We chose a “greener” alternative formed from limestone. Our Super-Stretch Limestone Neoprene is a more expensive component however it delivers superior flexibility and warmth while being less harmful to the environment.


Our Radiator thermal lining is a Lightweight, fast drying layer of insulation designed to retain and amplify body heat so you stay warmer for longer. Perfect for those early dawn sessions.



We use Recycled rubber taken from car tyres to create this essential layer in neoprene results in energy consumption & CO2 reductions. Its good to give those old car tyres a second life and keep them out of landfill.


Dope dyed

This is a NON-TOXIC, anti-fade treatment used on the jersey in our wetsuits which is from Bluesign approved fabric mills resulting in 24% less carbon emissions and up to 80% less water used than traditional methods of dying.

Water based glue means
no chemical nasties

A water based glue formula with ZERO chemical that Replaces the standard nasty solvent-based glues used in traditional wetsuits.

The Good Wetsuit Company.

These are just a few of the features in our wetsuits to keep you warm, be flexible and minimise environmental impact. We have used the best materials, manufacturing processes, packaging & delivery methods with no inflated or additional mark ups, creating the best value wetsuit available.