“How could someone stare at the same thing for hours, days, years and never tire of it? Normally such a consistent and ongoing observation of a single subject would seem a form of madness . . . Yet the ocean has this effect on many people." Cam Scott

Introducing Cam Scott. Surfer, artist & Bondi local. You might know Cam from his street art around Sydney's Eastern Suburbs / Inner West. You might have read his recent profile in Tracks. You might have seen him shredding on one of his signature finless boards.


Images by @lozzapix


This winter, we commissioned Cam to come up with a custom artwork to screen print on our High Performance steamers. The result - Oceanic Abstraction.


Hello Cam. For anyone that doesn't know - who are you and what do you do?
Cam Scott / I make things. Be it sunglasses, art, boards or bad decisions
What's your coffee order?
Ice latte when it's hot. Large cap when it's cold. 
How did you first get into surfing?
On the boog! There was a great bodyboarding community at Tamarama when I was a grom. 

When did you start focusing on finless surfing?
When I got too old to enjoy grovelling on the boog. Around about when Tom Wegener started making his Albacore foamy alaia. Maybe 7 years ago now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
How did you get into art?
After spraying my first cheesy stencils as a teenager, I was hooked.
Favourite piece you've done to date?
One of the recent Oceanic Abstraction pieces. This series focuses on the ocean as an endless source of fascination. Although many have featured the allure of the ocean, this work deals with specifics. Rather than working towards some all-encompassing sublime representation, the series dissects oceanic attraction and draws out specific aspects of allure. Working from these conclusions, it attempts to recreate and highlight these points through practice. The technique involves remediation of photography through digital manipulation and physical reinterpretation of this digital form through silkscreen and aerosols. In essence, a shift from pure documentation to artistic embellishment of the ocean’s attributes. Dancing along the line between representation and abstraction.
What's the Bondi surf community like?
Like nothing else. Full on melting pot. Every country. Every culture. Every craft. Everyone from backpacking kooks to crusty old corelords, out there having a crack. 

What are you currently riding?
When the waves are decent enough, Softlite finless foamys. Otherwise on the logs.

What're you listening to this week?
An endless amount of podcasts and audiobooks as usual. I've got pretty bad Tinnitus so it keeps the ringing / other head noise at bay.

Anything else to shout out whilst we're here?
Sunburnt Mess of course! Best surf shop around. And you guys for the support. Many thanks.



The limited edition steamers are available exclusively from Sunburnt Mess in Bondi. Head over to the store to check out an alternate version of the artwork printed on the window, have a feel of the limestone neoprene rubber & say hello to Pat (hello Pat) while the waters cool.


Cam sitting outside his artwork on the Sunburnt Mess window

July 27, 2022 — Joshua Small