Over the last few months, we've been on the hunt for brands that share our passion for creating long-lasting, sustainable products. Brands that share our passion for the ocean and nature. Brands that share our belief in responsible business that's better for not just the consumer, but for the planet.

Introducing Childe - an independent Australian eyewear brand creating sunglasses with an eco-edge. Inspired by musicians, artists and activists, the team at Childe believe in self-definition and inclusivity, designing universal styles of sunglasses that embrace individuality.


We're excited to say that from today, Childe sunglasses will be available to purchase through the Project Blank website.

These Australian designed, Italian made eyewear products are of a premium fit and constructed from a high quality eco sensitive Plant Based and Bio-Acetate frame materials.

CHILDE, located in Byron Bay, was founded in 2018 by Jon Laurenson - living in Portugal and inspired by friend and renowned local Lisbon artist Mario Belem. After visiting friends and boutique optical manufacturers in Italy he returned to Australia to form a creative team of friends to bring the CHILDE eco eyewear collections to life. His passion for Australian fashion, Rock & Roll and environmental consideration heavily inspires the design aesthetic of the brand.



Eco-considered, bio-acetate and plant based Polarised eyewear to enhance your view on an oceanic lifestyle. Designed in Byron Bay, Australia to provide the ultimate in UV sun protection and ocean viewing pleasure. Each frame is crafted meticulously by hand and is complimented with an innovative plant-based Polarised bio-lens.

MOOD - A geometric square aviator with key hole brow detail in a base 6 curve for ultimate sun protection, style and comfort. Hand crafted frames made from organic Acetate, complimented with innovative plant based Polarised bio lenses.

DELETE - A modern design of a classic tear drop Aviator sunglass for leaner face shapes. Classic style and comfort crafted from plant based resins and complimented with innovative plant based Polarised bio lenses.

TREBLE - A classic square aviator sunglass that characterises sophisticated style for all face shapes. Ultimately comfortable, the plant-based Polarised bio lenses are an absolute pleasure for your eyes and compliment the eco luxe frames.


Childe's logo (The Ouroboros) represents the infinite circle of life and their belief in creating products from elements of the earth, allowing us all to respect and appreciate that the Future is Nature. We absolutely share this belief and can't wait for you to see some of their amazing products.

November 01, 2022 — Joshua Small